My Own Apartment

In my own apartment, I look for the following aspects of living independently. I look for a washer dryer to be in the unit because I like fresh clothes. Things I would need to purchase for my own apartment include a new couch, bed, coffee table, carpet, stools, pots and pans, a new blender, plates, and glasses. I would like to find an apartment in the West Village or in Hell’s Kitchen. Those neighborhoods are some of my favorite in the city. Settling in an area that has a lot of restaurants, bars, and grocery stores is ideal so I don’t have to walk too far in order to get what I need. I also would like to live close to a subway line that is efficient to get from place to place. I want to find a 1-bedroom apartment that has modern appliances, and a nice living room where I can host a lot of friends. Anything like a studio is too small for me at this point in my life. Another amenity of the building I need is a gym so I can work with a trainer. I am excited for the time when I get settle into my routine of having my own place.




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