My parents went on a trip to Hawaii. So I’m home…

My parents and their friend went on a trip to Hawaii. So I’m home with my brothers and Stacey. Andrew’s girlfriend. So this weekend February 8-9, I went over my aunt ann and trouble house to spend the night. I got to see my foster cousin Symphony. My brother, Michael came inside to hang out with Symphony too. Michael loves Symphony too and he stay for a long time. Symphony wanting Michael to pick her up. Then Symphony wanting to come to me. My aunt Ann and I made chocolate covered pretzel. While Symphony was nap. Then we went to Bertucci’s to have dinner. After dinner we played the game which was supper fun. During the game, Symphony was sleeping for the night.

Sunday morning, Symphony was super exciting to see me still there. Then we went to Panera for breakfast. Then we went to Wegemes for my aunt grocery shopping. Then after that we played with Symphony. I loves Symphony and she loves me too. My Aunt and I watch the movie Malificent while Symphony was sleeping for her nap. Then we Symphony woke up from her nap and said good bye to her and she was so sad to see me leave.

On February 10

I went over my Aunt Pati and Uncle Larry for dinner since Andrew and Stacey were at hockey game. We had fish tacos which was super good.

February 14

I went to Stacey’s birthday party which was at Dave and Buster. There were 12 people total there at her party. We had dinner and then we went to played some games. We stayed there for 4 hours.

February 15

I went over to my Aunt Ann and Uncle’s house to spend the night. I come over while Symphony was napping so I was her little surprise while she woke up. She was so excited to see me. Then we got carry out at Texas Roadhouse. Then Symphony went to bed and we played the game called Tickets to Ride. Then I played DS with my aunt. Then we all went to bed.

February 16

My uncle got breakfast from Panera since Symphony couldn’t wait which was fine. So I come down to eat my breakfast and Symphony was happy I was still. Then while Symphony was sleeping my Aunt and I went shopping. We went to a lot of places and got lunch at Wegems. Then when we come home Symphony was up. So my Aunt and I took Symphony outside so we could blow bubbles and she loved it. Even though I could of spend the night again at their house and decided not too.Then my brother Michael picked me up because he wanting to see Symphony again. Then we left and got dinner from the Creamy.

My Andrew and Stacey were at another hockey game and they didn’t come home until Monday.

February 17

I hang out with my brother Micheal all day. We did a lot of errands that day. We got lunch at Wegems which we haven’t had sushi in a while which was good. We ate it at home. I hang out with Biscuit the rest of the day. He was happy even though he missed mom and dad.

February 18

My mom and dad came home from Hawaii.

I was happy they were finally home. Biscuit was supper excited to see them too. Then everything went back to normal again.

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