My Path!

By: Grace

My Path!

Hi PEARLS people!

In August we did a PATH for me. A PATH is a person centered planning tool. My mother says its like somethink called what color is my parachute when she was in college. Anyway we invited a group of people to get together to talk about …..ME. I got to be the star of the show.

I started by telling people what I want my life to look like and why. Then the people who came could ask me questions and give me ideas and offer to help. So I told them I want to be famous and that I want to be an actress on stage. I also said that I want to do things to help women and girls. I think women and girls are sometimes treated badly. Like did you know that in some countries girls are forced into marriage at like 8 and 9 years old. Some girls and women aren’t allowed to have jobs or go to school. I also want to give tickets to kids who are poor who don’t get to go to the theater. I want to live on my own someday too. I also am interested in doing something related to history. I really like American history, my local history and women’s history. The reason I want to be an actress is because I like it a lot and I want to show everyone that I can be an actress just like anybody else can. I want to have friends and friends who support me and like some of what I like too.

From the PATH people drew pictures of what we talked about. We also now are working on different things. I am working on a project in this neighborhood called Madisonville. We are going to do a history series on the history of churches in Madisonville. So I am meeting with people from the Cincinnati Museum Center and Madisonville Historic society. The other thing I’m doing is working with my acting coach to write a one woman show that celebrates the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage. In fact I just watched a great movie called “Iron-Jawed Angels.” It is fantastic. I am also reading a book on Alice Paul.

Here’s some photos from my path:

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