My poetry

By: Erica

Lately I have been writing some poems, I’ve not posted them anywhere, so let my blog be the first place to see them, Life seems to be just ticking along, I’m still running, going to start trying Pilates/yoga , joined toastmasters, enjoy my pieces


Before my time Institution would have been encouraged, now, the world promotes inclusion, but what happens when your neither here nor there and everything is up in the air?   When setting yourself forward, sets you back And setting yourself back sets you forward.


It’s six o’clock, it’s time to go,

To feed the cat down the row,

Surely not, but down he trots,

Is that a meow I hear, as he comes near? He wants a scratch, he wants a rub, he wants some food in his tum!


Farting around home

What is there to do but wait

hungry tummy here

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