My Prom!

My Prom!

In April, my teacher wasn’t able to chaperone at my high school senior prom so my mom and dad were allowed to attend and assist if it became necessary.

I rode to prom with my best friend, Cameron, and my mom and dad followed.

When we all arrived we were greeted by the helpful staff from my high school. They were so excited to see me at my prom, and they showed my mom and dad a private coat room and rest room they had saved for me in case I needed a break.

My mom says she was very proud of my senior peers for accepting me for who I am and for being careful not to step on me when I decided to sit on the floor at the venue. In fact, a few of my peers sat on the floor with me.

Ever since I began elementary school it has been my mom’s mission to make sure I was understood by my peers and not feared. Although I have spent my school years in LIFE Skills (or what some like to call a “self-contained” classroom), my mom knows this is what was right for me and my growth. She doesn’t feel like it limited me in any way and she still found ways for me to be included.

In junior high I was able to join the pep squad, get onto the football field with the varsity dance team for one of our high school varsity games, and then become the first girl with a disability to join the JV dance team at my high school.

My mom believes true inclusion is allowing kids like me to not only be present with our peers, but to also participate in activities with them.

We should be able to enjoy EVERYTHING just like everyone else! ♥️


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