My Saturday

By: Talia

Today I went to Starbucks, and Game Stop with my brother Joey and my sister Caroline.  I had a coffee frappuccino.  Joey had an iced tea. Caroline had a coffee frappuccino. Joey got a Rock Candy remote for his computer.  Caroline got a DS game called Tomishi.  Tomishi is like characters who look like you and everyone.  I saw my good friend from Sharing the Arts/ Glen Rock High School named Harrison and she is a girl at the Midland Park shopping center.  She hugged me because she misses me and I miss her.  But my brother Joey pulled me away from Harrison because we were trying to go to Game Stop.  Game Stop was okay.  I did not get a DS game.  Before camp, I got a DS game called The Smurfs.  But this time, I didn’t get a game.  Only on October 14, on my birthday, I am going to get DS games.  Harrison and her mom just got out from working out at Ethos in Midland Park.  After that, I went home to get books from my mom.  I got another Anne Frank book and the Shadow Children book series. I also got a cute dress from my mom that reminds me of the 60’s.  The dress is made by Diane Von Furstenberg.  That’s it for today!!! Today is also my parents’ anniversary!!!!

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