My Sister

I have a sister named Izzy. She is a core part of my life! She is the bestie that I have ever had in this world. I really adore her! We have a song called, “You Sneezed into My Hand”. It is very cute! I don’t want to go into the arguments and fights we sometimes have because all brothers and sisters fight. She has a dog called Gimlet. I often go over to her house and watch Gimlet over the weekends.

Izzy is my best friend, and truly one of the best people alive.  When we went to the Bahamas she kept saying Thank You which is something we laugh about now. We have this wonderful bond. We also bond over voicemails. She leaves me one every month. I am proud to call this silly little girl, my sister! Our love is true. Our love is pure! And I hope that we will still continue to adore each other despite some of the fights that we have. That is the background story on my sister Izzy!

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