My Style

By: Talia

1. Describe my style: My style is totally cute and classic.

2. Select a sweet treat: My favorite sweet treat is a popsicle.

3. Rock some shades: My favorite sunglasses ???? are chic aviators.

4. My must have book ???? is a rom com read.

5. My favorite earrings are sweet and simple studs.

6. I’d rather wear a pop of pink. ????????

Leggings: Look ???? lovely ???? in leggings. Bold might not *literally* be my middle name, but diying my own leggings will definitely change my life. Comfort and style and a cinch to sew is my new go to look ???? for the school year.

Pair them with a distressed ???? tank and sneakers ???? for the ultimate relaxing ???? look ???? or go for a frilly tee shirt ???? and strappy sandals ???? for a more femme feel.

Make a playful purse ????. Between school and my dorm at Riverview, my school schedule is filled to the brim. I need a fab bag ???? to stash all of my belongings and that’s where the purse ???? will come in clutch.

The pinstripes keep it chic and the star ⭐️ adds a splash of fun. Throw in my trusty cell phone ????, some SPF (sunscreen), a pair of stylish sunglasses ???? and I’m glam to go.

Sew some shorts. For me, school is all about making memories. Whether I’m day tripping to a neighboring city ???? or just chilling with my girls, I make every day an adventure.

The trendy pompom trim keeps my look ???? on point. Pair with a tank and boots ???? for a concert at the Sharon D. Lund theater ???? at Hunter Commons at Riverview or throw them over my swimsuit when I am lounging by the beach ???? or Riverview pool ????‍♀️.

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