My Summer

By: Grace

Hi all!  It has been a while since I blogged.  Let me tell you about my summer.  I did so many great things.  I got to see my favorite band, R5.  I am in love with the lead singer. His name is Ross Lynch.  Have you seen the Teen Beach Movies?  He is the star.  I saw Teen Beach 2 this summer too. It was great but I like the first one best.

I went to MDA Camp again this summer.  I did something at camp that I never did before. I climbed the Rock Wall. It was amazing. Have you ever climbed a rock wall?  In June I went to Sanibel Florida with my parents. It was great.  This time my brother was working so he couldn’t go with us. It was different.  We hung out at the beach and pool a lot.  I brought my music and headphones to the beach a lot and sat on a beach chair because I don’t always like being in the ocean when there are a lot of waves.  I saw my friend Taylor there.  I got my hair done in island braids. I kept them in almost all summer.

I also went to visit my grandparents in Massachusetts. That was fun too.

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