My Teachers!

By: Talia

Today I went to my school. My school is called The Forum School. At school, I had math with my math teacher, English with my English teacher, social studies with my social studies teacher, science with my science teacher. Their names are Amanda, Tom, Alex, and Brendan. I also had exploratory class with Amanda and we talked about Internet Safety. After classes in the morning, I had music with my music teacher. My music teacher is named Helen. After school, I had musical theater at Ridgewood High School and we are doing The Little Mermaid. My helper at STA is named Abby. My musical theater teachers are Wes, Catherine, and Samantha. We sang and danced to Under the Sea, Kiss the Girl, and Part of your World. After STA, I went home and watched Keeping Up with the Kardishians on the big TV in the living room. After that, I had to wait for my mom to come home. So I went Grocery Shopping at KINGS with Jenna and Amelie. I love my new class and it is AWESOME!!!!!! Love, Talia!!

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