My Thoughts on the World Around Us!

By: Zach

I just wanna touch on my personal opinion on where we stand on the pandemic and the presidency and all, that first off as kamala harris and her husband made history more so kamala then her husband not to single him out or anything but harris being the first women of color and and much more. just too much to list off but all I know after bidens one term will step in make history and become the first woman president and her husband as the first gentleman i can’t get over that to this day. And since the insurrection which we all didn’t see coming and that was the first time in american history and of course trump being the first president to be impeached twice, but when trump was in office it has been a sleepless 4 year. Now that Harris and Biden have been sleeping a lot better. And now that they’re rolling out the vaccine a lot faster we can all get back to normal living alot faster. And when trump wanted to keep us in lockdown but for me that would have driven me up the wall and then some. And the pandemic and all that I envy non glasses wearers they don’t have to worry about getting foggy glasses like me who happens to be a glasses wearer, and I can’t wait for the mask law to be lifted and i can’t wait to see my friends again cause I haven’t seen them in forever. But I hope you all are being safe and all that throughout the pandemic.

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