My Time on Fire Island

My Time on Fire Island

My time on Fire Island was Damn awesome! On Friday, July 14th, I embarked to Fire Island, starting from Penn Station to Babylon. I then changed trains to get to Sayville. From there, I traveled by ferry to Fire Island. Once I finally arrived to Fire Island, I checked into my spacious hotel room!

After freshening up at the hotel, I went to a place called Cherry’s on the Bay to play Bingo. While playing Bingo, I had a tasty summer drink. After finishing Bingo, I went to dinner with my good friend Danny. For dinner, I had pasta with meatballs! Following dinner, I was invited to an outdoor party by my hotel. During my time at the party, I was enjoying boogying on the dance floor. After dancing for a while, I headed back to Cherry’s for a bit and decided it was time for bed. All in all, I had a great Friday evening!

The next day, I woke up around 10AM and went downstairs for breakfast. For breakfast, I enjoyed a breakfast burrito. I was quite full after breakfast and needed a brief nap. After napping, I went to another section of Fire Island called The Pines. During my time there, I had high tea and danced a lot! After drinking fine tea and dancing up a storm, I went back to Cherry Grove and had dinner. Following dinner, I went back to The Pines for the rest of the evening with my friend Danny.

On Sunday, I slept in later as I wasn’t feeling my best. Once I finally got up, it was time to head home. I caught the ferry and then took a car service back home. I was sad to leave Fire Island, and it was raining the whole way home, which I actually found very cozy. When I got home, it was time for a nap, and that is how I closed out a lovely weekend in one of my favorite places.

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