My Vacation

The Vacation I just took with my mom and my sister was pretty Damn good except for one night where I stormed out of a restraunt for being upset over a disagreement with my mom and sister. It was a pretty silly disagreement but we had a fight over something I did not think would happen especially on my mom’s birthday.  The good news was it did not ruin it. We went swimming with the pigs in the Spanish Wells, to be exact, which was a lot of fun to hold up the pigs and cuddle them in the water. The water was so clear you could see to the bottom and it was warm. If you swam a little bit in the water it was fun. I spent a lot of time at bars when I was there to0. The flight there was a little crammed in coach. My mom got to fly first class! It was her birthday so that was understandable.

One of the other nights I went to this woman’s house called India. She was nice and welcoming. I had a martini that night with her pals. The whole evening was a lot of fun. My mom was a little protective on the trip especially for me going out that worried me. Overall it was a a sunny and wonderful trip with lots of sleeping.  I got my hair done to go out Thanksgiving night. The whole vacation was a a blast!

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