My Week

Well last week was pretty boring.  They kept telling us that we were going to get hit with hurricane Joaquin.  My mom overreacted big time and bought 8 packs of batteries, two lanterns, and a huge flashlight.  We didn’t end up getting a hurricane but we did got a lot of rain.  Made for a pretty uneventful week.  Mom went to parent teacher conferences at my school last night.  She said my teacher couldn’t stop telling her how great I am to have in class.  She said that I’m the kid everyone always has to stop and say hi to in the hallway and that I’m constantly running late because of it.  So that was pretty cool especially because mom was really excited about it.  My grandparents are having a costume party this weekend.  I’m still not sure what I want to be.  Maybe a doctor?   I already have a costume for that.  It’s kind of tough to find a Halloween costume for me because it has to be able to all fit under my wheelchair straps.  But mom usually comes up with something.  I’ll be sure to take some pictures of the party.

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