My week at “summer enrichment”.

By: Talia

My week at RV was amazing and the summer enrichment is flying by until August 10!!! On Saturday July 13, I had survivor day which means everyone in my dorm Torrey made the staff: Ms. Tamash, Ms. Clapp, Ms. Ceban, Ms. Sylvia, and Ms. Smyth; t-shirts that says, “Torrey Sharks”! I saw Ms. Clapp eat worms, putting her feet into an ice bucket, and eating some exotic meat in the auditorium with other grow staff. On Sunday July 14, I had a relaxing day because I went to the Art’s Dunes Tour in P-Town, MA and it was crazy. I really enjoyed going to the dunes and I want to do it again with my family (and my celebrity crush, Taron David Egerton “Eggys”!!!) On Monday July 15, I had dance heroes and the group I was in was with Raylynn, Casey, Sirena, Chase, Katie, and lots of dancing and fun. The song we danced to was “Lost in Japan” by Shawn Mendes and Zedd. On Tuesday July 16, I went to Camp Greenough in Yarmouth Port, MA with my dorm Torrey and we did lots of fun exotic things. After the fun day at Camp Greenough, we went to Mashpee Commons, MA for dinner at Panera Bread, Burrito Bistro, Cupcake Charley’s, and showing Ms. Smyth around Mashpee Commons.I would love to take my family (and my celebrity crush, Taron David Egerton “Eggys”) at Mashpee Commons, too!! At Panera Bread, I had a half grilled cheese sandwich, and tomato soup with croutons. Yummy! At Cupcake Charley’s, I had a cookie sandwich with white icing, not ice cream. It was very delicious. On Wednesday July 17, I went to the Chatham Shark Center with my class, Phase 2 and it was amazing. The Chatham Shark Center is in Chatham, MA and I would love to take my family (and my celebrity crush, Taron David Egerton “Eggys”!!!) there!! After the community trip was over, I went to Water WIzz in Wareham, MA with my dorm, Torrey. The group I was in with were Ms. Marcotte, Eliza , Ms. Clapp, Riley “Ellie”, Hunter, and I went on lots of water rides. I would love to take my family (including my celebrity crush, Taron David Egerton “Eggys”) to Water Wizz!!!! Today (Thursday July 18), I went to sailing in Hyannis, MA with half of my dorm, Maya, Sarah, Taisha, Amber, Ms. Tamash, and I’ve made new friends named Virginia, DJ and other kids. Virginia is from West Virginia and DJ is from Dennisport, MA. I hope everyone has a great weekend. I will talk about the superhero dance (which is Friday July 19), Saturday July 20, and Sunday July 2 soon!!!

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