My week

My week

So this week has been a bit crazy and the semester is rolling…. I’m near the end of midterms I think….

Sunday morning I poked my eye and scratched my cornea so I spent my day at the doctor’s office after my class.  Luckily it is only affecting the vision in my right eye temporarily and finally the pain stopped. I also just lost some time because it hurt so bad Sunday and Monday.  So I need ed to spend some time working once I started feeling better.  Tuesday I had to stay late to help out with cinémardi (French movie night) after class.  Wednesday I had to go to class, TA , and then I met some friends for dinner.  You need moments like this sometimes because all you can think about is grad school.  

Also on Wednesday, I set up an advisement meeting for next semester.  I register for classes on Nov 3rd so I am trying to collect books now.  

My next reading:

Today I’m going to all my classes.  I have a tiny homework assignment due today and then a presentation tomorrow morning.  I also teach vocab tomorrow and then it’s the the Colloquium series on the afternoon.  Not to mention grading and putting together another presentation for the 19th on the weekend.

I also went apartment hunting last Sunday so I was considering going this Saturday, but it is game day (i.e. Do not leave your apartment).  So I’ll continue my search the following weekend.  ????. The bus schedule here is driving me a bit crazy so I might move closer to North campus.  Since downtown Athens is literally across the street, I’ve been looking there.

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