My Weekend

By: Jonah

My Weekend

This weekend we played outside a lot.  I love being with my family.  I rode my bike all the way to the park and back for the first time.  It is a long ride, but I did it!  I got a new helmet.  My dad ran beside me and Kaden wore his new rollerblades.  I feel like I can do anything when my family is there.

My Weekend.1


I love closing my eyes while I swing.  I feel like I’m flying and I love feeling the wind and listening to all the sounds I hear better with my eyes closed.  My mom always smiles and says she loves me so much when I do this.

My Weekend.2


Here are some more pictures from my weekend.

My Weekend.3 My Weekend.4 My Weekend.5


This picture is from our way home – we call this our secret path because we never see anyone else on it.

My Weekend.6

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