My Weekend

Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a nice Valentine’s Day weekend. I didn’t do a ton, mainly just relaxed and tried to organize my room/desk. I also watched Netflix- my current obsession is Reign. Danielle and I had a sleepover last weekend and she introduced the show to me. It’s SO good. Normally I don’t like period/ historical shows or movies (much more her thing) but this one is amazing. There are numerous plot twists. The clothes they wear are also gorgeous and surprisingly have a lot of sparkle. I’m not sure how historically accurate that is though lol.  The actors are cute too. Danielle likes Bash, played by Torrance Coombs. He’s pretty cute but I also like Francis, played by Toby Regbo.

Even though I rested I did go out to the movies. With Danielle of course lol. She’s such a great BFF. I will have to do a separate blog post about our friendship and adventures since I talk about her so much.

Anyway, the movie was called “How To Be Single”. Disclaimer: it’s rated R so some of you may not be able to see it. But honestly, I feel like it’s not even worth it. Danielle said she liked it but I don’t think I did. I may be hypersensitive to some things (I’ll explain in a minute), which is why I didn’t like it. In fact I think I was a little offended by it.

Two things come to mind. The first is about the dialogue choices towards the beginning of the movie. Basically the characters were talking about who they have “been with” if you catch my drift. That’s whatever. What offended me was the choice of using a certain term to describe a Little Person (someone with Dwarfism) and the character asking another character if they had been with one as if that was a really bad or shameful thing. Does that make sense?  The second thing that upset me was the choice of how they worded some of the final dialogue. The main character was summing up the lesson of the movie: that you don’t need a significant other to be happy.  That part is fine, and a good message. But what I had a problem with was how far they went with the idea. The character said something like the only way to be truly happy is to 100% independent of anyone and anything. Including your friends, family, even your pets.  Maybe it we because it was Valentine’s Day but this is upsetting to me because using this train of thought I won’t be ever be truly happy.  I’ve gotten more independent over the last few years but I know I will never be 100% independent. So yeah. That’s why I wasn’t a huge fan of the movie. But oh well. There will be other movies.

Have a great week!

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