Never in a million years!

By: Erica

Never in a million years!

I never imagined in a million years that I would be running the streets for 5km as part of a team relay all on my own, (I’ve always been afraid of the idea of running without someone beside me) all the scenarios going round in my head? What happens if I get lost? I spent the whole day being so nervous, turning up to my spot 2 hours early because I didn’t want to be late and sitting at home was making me antsi, but thanks to Josh Cooper Personal Training and him believing in me and my ability to run on my own and train on my own, and with the knowledge of the team beeping me on in there cars and a water break on my 1, 2 and 4th km, I pushed myself harder then I ever have in my life, I had 3 large hills to overcome, and pushed myself up every single one!! Wavered on the finale hill but josh and the team kept me going! I ran my race in 48 minutes, one of my best runs I’ve done so far!!! Especially with the hills I ran up! Every single goal I achieve, every single mountain I climb, is helping towards my overall mental and physical and healthy well being, and my half marathon! I say bring on the next challenge! I’m always up for one which is why I agreed to this one even though my mind was screaming at me! Also have to thank East End parkrun for coming to town when they did! Helping me to achieve PB each week in a loving , friendly, and kind environment.

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  1. Positive Exposure November 4, 2018 at 3:12 pm - Reply

    CONGRATULATIONS and the whole PEARLS Team is cheering right next to you!!!!!!!!

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