NEW CAR!!!!!

By: Mia

NEW CAR!!!!!

I got a new car!!! I have been so busy lately with friends and school that I have had so little time to just sit down and write about it….that’s a good thing though……I kind of like having a busy schedule with only a little down time. Anyways, my car is a Jeep renegade and her name is Shelli. That’s what all the cool kids are doing these days……giving their car a name. I’m a pretty cool kid, so I just HAD to name my car. I looked at my car and I kinda looks like a mom car, so I named it Shelli. It’s been so fun driving it around, mostly to and from the barn. (soon I will be driving to and from school on my own!!) As soon as I get my drivers license….in like 18 days….I’ll be zipping around town will all my besties (and maybe my siblings). I’m just so excited to be more independent!!!!!! Feeling like a responsible adult

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