New School

By: Byron

The last few weeks have been very crazy. I have just finished my first month at a new school in the Boston area. This school is much different from my school in the Washington DC area for starters instead of having 23 kids in my class I have around 400. I feel it is easier and harder to make friends at a school like this one. The easier part is that there are more people and easier to fit in with the kids at the school, but the harder part is that there are so many people that no one that are coming back know if your new or not. Throughout the craziness of school I have found time to do some fun things such as going to a Patriots game and this Saturday going to a Bruins Vs. Red Wings game where we are in the 6th row. The last time I was that close was when I lived in New Jersey and went to Princeton games. That’s it for now.

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