Right now I’m heading out to Ann Arbor to get my new wheelchair! Finally. This has been such a long process. 2.5 years! Can you believe it? Some of it has been insurance taking forever to decide what they were going to approve/ cover. They’re picky and don’t cover all the features I need / want. For example, I need the elevate feature so I can reach things at home and out and about. But, Medicaid doesn’t consider it medically necessary so they won’t pay. I’m very fortunate that my parents agreed to pay for whatever isn’t covered. Because they agreed to do that we were able to proceed with the order. Since then I have been in touch with a caseworker I have through an agency that makes it possible for me to have staffing hours and is overall there to help with advocacy/ make sure I have what I need. The caseworker was able to talk to someone who manages the agency’s foundation. It sounds like the foundation has agreed to pay for whatever isn’t covered. I am so thankful. The amount is going to be over $4,000!

I’m just really hoping the chair is comfy. My pain has been so rough lately. The chair will hopefully address that issue… We’ll see. I’ll make sure to post pics soon. :)

Trivia has been fun! We couldn’t go last week because of the weather but here’s a pic from the previous week when I bought a shamrock for MDA.

My syndrome technically falls under The Muscular Dystrophy Association’s umbrella of services now. Even if this wasn’t the case I would still buy a shamrock. Some of my friends from camp have Spinal Muscular Atrophy or SMA. You can here for more info: I’ll have to post about camp sometime. Lots of good stories lol.

We’re almost there so I’ll sign off for now.

<3 Rebecca

New Wheelchair

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