New Years

During New Years week I went with my mom, dad and younger brother to a hockey tournament in Massachusetts. The team only won 1 game out of the 4 that we played but we all had fun. We went out to dinner at Longhorn Steak house the first night with a bunch of the families on our team. We went to the Dollar Tree (one of my favorite places) to buy some noisemakers and hats for New Year’s Eve. The next day we had a late hockey game so we did one of my favorite things, went shopping at the Mall near the rink.   On New Year’s Eve we had 2 games so in between we went to a pizza place. After the next game we went back to the hotel and had a party in the hotel rooms with our team. We played a card game where everyone has to put in $3. Whoever wins gets the whole pot of money. No one in my family won but my Dad was close! One of the kids brought his self-balancing board and the parents were trying to ride it in the halls. It was so funny to watch because some of the parents couldn’t do it very well.   We stayed up until 2 am and then had to get up for our last hockey game at 10:30 am.

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