Nexflix recommendations

By: Morgan

I have nine series and six movies.

  1. The crown, is a historical drama, Netflix original featuring Claire Foy and her representation of Queen Elizabeth II.
  2. Dogs – my favorite episode is the first one, its about a girl who gets a service dog in Ohio.
  3. The CW reboot of the show Dynasty.  No words, its an addiction.
  4. Gossip girl- growing up I never paid attention to the first season.
  5. Dr Foster, BBC show, loosely based on divorce and crime. all I am going to say because its just so incredible and I would hate to spoil things and give it away. There are 2 seasons available.
  6. The fall, again Ireland show about crime, a little bit gruesome if you get ill by the sight of blood. – maybe don’t watch.
  7. The OJ Simpson American crime story – binged while I had a cold. And I was born in 1994 so I grew up hearing about it over the years and wanted to know OJ before his 2008 conviction.
  8. The bodyguard, BBC 6 part mini-series. Richard Madden won a Gloden Globe for his role.


  1. You; staring Penn Badgley from Gossip Girl and Shay Mitchell from Pretty little liars, it’s about a stalker but it makes you feel a million and one emotions, definitely worth the watch.



  1. Laga Gaga documentary
  2. Taylor swift reputation tour
  3. Justin Timberlake and the Tennesse kids performance
  4. American Meme – about social media
  5. Dumpling – about a mother-daughter pageant story taking the world by storm about body positivity.
  6. Brain on fire – Savannah challans month of madness, book available now


Find a couch make some popcorn and binge!

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