NOAH Camp and Puppy Greeting

Ok so I will explain NOAH camp because there was a comment asking specific details about it… but first… here is the greeting I got when I returned home.

For those of you not aware, the National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentaion (NOAH) is an organization to provide support and fellowship to People with albinism (PWAs) and their families.  If you want to find out more about the organization their website is  You can also write any questions you have about NOAH in the comment section. ????They have conferences every two years that rotate to different regions of the country.  Last conference was in 2016 in Pittsburg with over a thousand people and the next one in 2018 will be in Kansas City, Missouri. I have gone to know conferences since I was 2 years old with the exception of the 2014 conference in San Diego.  So I have gone to 10 conferences and 2018 will be conference number 11.  He conferences have sessions for PWAs and parents for kids with albinism.  There is also a kids conference that is run by volunteers.  Honestly I just hang out with a lot of friends during conference time or volunteer for sessions (sometimes for Rick and PE as well).  I have really benefited from these conferences so that’s why I volunteer for NOAH when I have free time. I’ve always wanted to be a counselor for this camp and this summer I had the time off. I NOAH has a camp for kids starting from 6/7 until high school.  It’s every two years in New Hampshire.  It always happens on the off years when there aren’t conferences.  So the next one will be in July 2019. I have personally never gone to the camp as a camper, but from what I saw the kids had a blast.  It starts on a Saturday and ended last Wednesday.  The children with albinism got to be kids first and foremost.  We did normal camping activities such as ropes courses, arts and crafts, tie dye NOAH camp T-shirts, play some sports like capture the flag,  have a scavenger hunt, swimming, having campfires, and eating s’mores.  Considering the fact the camp was very small this year I also had cabin duty at night in the girls cabin.  During the day I worked with one counselor and two junior counselors during the day where we watched the younger kids from 9AM-4PM.  Some of the major activities in the camp would be the water day where there are a bunch of games with water ballons, water guns, and a slip and slide.  We also had a carnival where I ran the rat race table.  The kids would win tickets and use them to buy prizes at the end.  We maybe had one session where the kids asked counselors any questions they had about albinism, but otherwise the kids were just allowed to have fun.  Everyone had sunscreen breaks, lots of bug spray, floppy hats, and sunglasses!

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