October 2022 Blog

By: Eli

October 2022 Blog


Senior Night

The cruise was really fun, my parents and I did a dolphin, stingray, and sea lion encounter. The sea lions were definitely my favorite encounter because they were so cute and funny to watch. Then on another day, my mom and I got massages. I had never had a professional massage before and it felt amazing. My mom and I also got our hair washed and treated along with the massage. The food there was good and I always tried to get something new everyday. Since the hurricane destroyed the dock for Turks & Caicos, we went to Bimini instead.

I’m now fully cleared to be able to stunt and tumble in cheer. I’m so excited to be fully back and in time for Senior Night. Senior Night is when we have our last home football game of the year. All the seniors of fall sports and their parents go to the game to do their senior walk. The senior walk is when they announce the senior’s plans after graduation, what their favorite event of the session, and the clubs they’re in. The senior cheerleaders get sashes to wear, posters and gift baskets from the underclassmen on the cheer team. I also took my senior photos and it still hasn’t hit me yet that I’m a senior. Our small competition we are preparing for is next month.

For my church’s trunk or treat,  I’m dressing up as Daphne from Scooby Doo with my friend’s family. Our cheer team also has a Halloween themed practice and my two friends and I are dressing up as the paint canvas, paint, and Bob Ross. The Halloween practice is meant to be funny and people vote for the best ones. For actual Halloween, my friend and I are going to be pirates.
On Halloween I also drove for the first time using biopics. They help me out some, but I’m fortunate that my vision with my glasses is good enough to see a lot of the road signs, traffic lights, and speedometer. The only hard part of driving for the first part is trying to turn for the first time. Also getting used to how sensitive the pedals were. After the evaluation, I’m thinking of pursuing driving. It is stressful now, but I feel like I’ll get used to it and not be as stressed.

See you next month!

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