Hello. How are you? Opening night for OLIVER! is Friday November 21st, 2014!  I am really excited but also really nervous.

I have made 2 friends in OLIVER!  Their names are… Zara and Annie.  They are really nice people and I’m exhilarated to be sharing this opportunity with them.  Zara’s brother, Iszack, is the main character, Oliver.  It’s beyond doubt fun and again if you are interested in singing, dancing and acting try musical theatre.

If you want to hear some of OLIVER! go to YouTube and search: songs from Oliver!

You’ll be surprised!  I’d personally recommend FINE LIFE, I’D DO ANYTHING, CONSIDER YOURSELF, WHO WILL BUY, or BE BACK SOON.

So long fare thee well, Pip Pip Cherioo,

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