Orientation Day 2 Update

So I am going to add a description because I kind of ramble on in this video. I think you all can see that I was so tired. From what I remember, I wasn’t capable of explaining things well. So I’m adding some text as a supplement. (It is also 4 in the morning and I am not sure why I am up….). So there are a lot of steps I have to do before I can start classes next week.
1) I forgot to mention that I am not capable of using the iris scanner. My guess is that it’s related to my nystagmus and photophobia, because it was very painful to try to set that up. I kept trying to start at an orange dot and that takes a lot of effort since my eyes can’t sty still. Luckily I contacted the disability office and they will exempt me from using the scanner. From what I understand, I am not the only one who has this problem.
2) I also talked about a TA orientation. It was something that I had to do in order to teach this semester. I also mentioned I have to take a graduate course called ROML 7700 or the grad school’s equivalent course. This is also required in order to teach.
3) The grad courses for me go from 6000-8000 compared to the 1000-4000 level courses (or 100-400 level, which I keep confusing). I have two 8000 level courses this semester. They are both seminars: one is for French Linguistics and the other is Postcolonial Paris. I’ve never really studied literature during the post-colonial periods so I am pretty happy I choose this one, but it will be more reading so I need to mentally prepare myself for that… Which leads to another point…
4) I am currently trying to get all my textbooks in an alternative format, but since I registered much later than usual (for my standards) there will be a bit of time where I will have to be focusing on keeping up with the material because I don’t consider my print disability as an excuse for falling behind in school. This is just also some extra stuff that is added when I’m trying to adjust to a new school and a new program. I’m lucky that the disability office is willing to work with me and they have already started working on one of my books. For some of you this may seem a bit weird, but this usually happens when you start at a new school. It’s not fair, but this is just how it works. I like to prioritize so that may be my main focus for a while.
5) This was really explained poorly… I most likely won’t have time to record videos because I really need to focus on reading everything without falling behind the first weeks of school. As I explained videos are very time consuming to make, edit, and upload. I would like to really take your comments and make more videos, but now is not the time. If I do have some time in the future, I definitely will consider posting more videos.
6) About alternative text: When I say alternative format, I am referring to, large print, electronic, audio, or braille books. I am still debating what I will do for this semester. I believe I will request mine in PDFs because that means I will only have to carry my computer around with me as opposed to large print copies of everything. Although I have the magnifiers, I will be reading a lot slower than what I am used to.

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