Our New Dog!

Hi, I thought I could tell you something cool that happened in January. Me, my sisters,and partly my mom have been begging for a dog since August. Finally, on January 9th my dad let my mom get one. When we got home from school, my dad’s car was in the driveway…kinda different than usual. I worried that something was wrong. I slowly go into the living room where my parents were and there is this tiniest little black and brown puppy sniffing all over the place. I started to cry because I was so happy!!! Have you ever had happy tears? My dad made quite a project out of naming the dog. We all listed 2 names that we liked. Then we each eliminated a name from the list, then we had to put our top 3 choices in order. See, my dad is an actuary…so he’s very mathematical. Bottom line…the 3 girls (me, Irina and Mom) all had Hank as our top choice, my dad had Oscar as first and Hank as second choice. So, our little pup (he’s a schnoodle–schnauzer/poodle mix) was named Hank. My mom and I got that name from a dog we played with that looked like our pup, on my birthday in August….many months ago.

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