Overcoming anxiety!

By: Grace

Hi  Everybody

In case you didn’t know I have a lot of anxiety around some things like peacocks, fire alarms, the Holocaust, and shots.  I have been working really hard to overcome them.  I am just about over being afraid of peacocks (they were at our zoo).  I am still scared of fire alarms but I am doing better with those.  This summer I had to go through a fire alarm every week.  I am not happy that my mother wants to do fire drills at home.  I am doing much better with hearing about the Holocaust too.

So I finished high school in May and now I am doing something called a transition program. I go everyday and we do different things. On Monday and Tuesday mornings I have a job to get work experience. It is just at a restaurant and lots of businesses order lunches from them so I help put the lunches together.  We also do things like working on setting up a bank account, shopping, cooking, and more.  It’s great for me because there is no homework.

I am sick today. I have a fever, a bad cold and a headache. I don’t have my program tomorrow so I have a really long weekend now.

I will blog again soon.  Feel free to tell me about you or ask me questions.


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