Owen’s First Day of Kindergarten!

By: Owen

Owen’s First Day of Kindergarten!

This week Owen started Kindergarten, it happened so fast.  It feels like just yesterday he was my little baby and now he is off to do big things.  I am so super proud of him.

But here’s the thing, it’s so scary for me.  I am his Mama and it is my job to take care of him and to protect him.  He is moving from a preschool that he attended for 3 years, they knew him so well there.  He had friends there who accepted him for who he is.  He knew the room and the routine and the teachers, and the classroom aides.  Everything was familiar and it felt so safe.  Kindergarten is big and new and all day long!

It’s a good thing Owen is braver than his mommy!


Kindergarten is so full of new things.  He gets to eat in the cafeteria!  Which means, I have to pay very close attention to the menu and make sure to pack his meals if there is anything that he is allergic to or that might make him sick.  I made friends with the woman who runs the cafeteria just so she can help me to plan ahead!

He also gets to have new classes.  Each week he gets to have art class, gym class, and library day!  I have a feeling library day is going to be his favorite, he gets to go on Fridays.  He loves to read books so much, I think if he dreams about Heaven, in his dreams it’s just a great big library.


While we had a great summer together, Owen gets bored at home just hanging out with mommy most of the time.  I think he was very excited to get to spend time with other kids again.  When we got to school I had to hand something off to the school secretary and by the time I turned around he had already taken off down the hallway with his aide.  It’s a secure building and no one is allowed past the entry.  I stood there yelling after him, “Owen come back!  Come back please, Mommy needs a huuuuuug!!”  Needless to say, he did not come back.  I’m glad I made sure to get a kiss from him before we left home!


I know Owen is going to do big things this year in school.  He is so smart and works so hard to learn new things.  It’s just so hard to see him getting so big and needing us less and less.


But, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t still need us sometimes.  When he does we will always be there to offer a helping hand.


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