By: Grace

Today I am in Paris France.  We have been here for a week.  I like Paris.  We have been here 7 or 8 times already.  Mostly we have walked around different neighborhoods and gone to parks and cafes.  Yesterday we went to Versailles and the day before that to the Louvre and the Musée (it means museum) D’Orsay.  Versailles has lots of gardens too.  We took a train to get out there. That was pretty cool.

Tonight is our last night.  We are going to go see the Eifel Tower which is lighted at night and it has twinkling lights every hour for 5 minutes.

Tomorrow my brother Ben and my dad go back home and my mom and I are going to Munich Germany and Salzburg Austria.  We are staying with her friends in Munich.  In Salzburg we are going to go to Mozart’s house and take the Sound of Music Tour.  I really cannot wait for that.  I love the Sound of Music movie.

I’ll write again from Munich or Salzburg.

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