Part 2

By: Lucia

Part 2 Finally…

I have been unwell for the past month, but this is Part 2 of my Lima Trip 2017/2018

– 26th December Museo de la Osma (Catholic Syncretism), Museos de MATE (contemporary art museum), Mario Testino (photography museum) Barranco

Spaghetti with fresh tomato sauce in Cafe Tostado. Plaza Barranco looked like a city on its own with artists and young people. Saw the sea too.. I loved it, I have to go there again! It is romantic and bohemian. There is a library and Catholic church.  I had picarones (sweet potato donuts) and corn at Tio Mario. So yummy

–   27th December Plaza Vea, Polyclinic Feban, Surquillo Loving Hut Vegan. I finally got my suitcase back.

– 28 December Gamarra Markets, Aunties and my Great grandma who is 108.

-29th December- Wento to Larcomar, but it was so long to get there to eat at 3pm, so late I had a headache. Popular and La Panka

-31st December PARTY at my aunties house, No dancing, but we saw people lighting fireworks.

-1st January 2018 Road Trip to Javier Prado Callao San Miguel, La Punta beach ( a stone beach). Went to another aunties house to eat lomo saltado (beef stirfry with chips) and I ate a special fried rice. Mum got sick 2-6th January. I mainly helped cook and clean. 

-6th January Dr Miranda (ENT) Can’t believe he remembered me, when I went there as a child (4 years old. My grandma got sick, she had to get a nebulisation treatment at a medical clinic. El Gran Leon Peruvian film at Cinemark. Bought some fresh veg and fruit at the Surquillo markets.

-10th January Went to change money at a bank. Went to Mercado San Luis to buy quinoa, curcumin and 4 seeds flour at a natural food shop. Propolis syrup remedy. Went to Polvos Azules (commercial mall)  by bus, it was really crowded by we survived. Bought Peru shirt and other souvenirs.

-13th January I got a migraine.

-14th January Aunties birthday, they ate guinea pig. 

-15th January Isolina- Peruvian Tavern in Barranco. Las Vecinas Ecobar (vegetarian cafe) It was really nice. They had kimchi with rocoto.

-16h January City bookshops, Veggie restaurant Los Frutales

La Sala de Gastronomia Peruana was closed on well. Don Humberto change, Plaza Vea, plane to 12pm Rosario, Falkland Islands

Slept @ airport until 10am, until Santiago Chile then plane to Sydney. Was so hungry, but at least the served my food first. had a headache and felt sick. Can back to Canberra at9.10 pm 17th  January.

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