I went to NY to see “Passenger” a musician from England.  His real name is Mike Rosenberg. He sang the song “Let Her Go” few years back.

I saw him at the Beacon Theater. It was very cold that day.  I waited to see him after the show.

He was very nice. I have become a great fan.  He has a new album. I like the song “Somebody’s Love” and he sang that song for me.

He started the concert with that song. I was so happy.

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  1. pearls2017 September 21, 2017 at 5:07 pm - Reply

    Hi! My name is Cara, I’m from North Carolina. I’m into a lot of acoustic music and I absolutely love Mike Rosenberg too! I saw him with Stu Larsen last year in Charlotte. If you like Mike, you should check out Stu Larsen’s music as well. Ed Sheeran’s old music is also similar to Passenger’s stuff (but Ed Sheeran is fairly popular by now, so you might’ve already heard it). I wanted to ask you, what would you say motivates you the most in life? Thanks for your time!

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