PE Gala 2023

By: Talia

The Positive Exposure Gala was amazing, because everyone with disabilities are different from non-disabled people and have their rights while being disabled or capable of being themselves. I saw the Team 18 crew (Rebecca and Denise; Claudia and Jim (Ross/Hallie’s parents); Catherine (Pauline/Irene’s mom), Susan  (Shannon’s mom) Susan’s friend, Maggie; David Jr. and Tamra; John, Sean and Marie; and Janine and Liz C along with myself, my parents and non-CH18 folks (Caroline – Charlotte’s mom/Gigi’s Playhouse); Austin (Moebius Syndrome); Xian; Talia; Kathleen, Jeff and Grace; Lauren and Brad (YMCA Wyckoff/STA), Miss Judy (my piano/voice teacher and many more special guests that came to our event. Talia and Janine won an award for CH18 and disability rights in Generation Z right after Judy Heumann (Crip Camp, Baby Boomer Generation, disability rights advocate in the 1970s). It was really nice to see everyone and they celebrated with me. I also saw Rosina (Ralph’s sister) and her friend at the front desk and I just said hi). It was too much fun. My piano/voice teacher Miss Judy  played the piano and she had a blast at PE Gala. I am hoping to be back at piano/voice lessons with Miss Judy soon. The speeches by Kathleen, Rick Guidotti, my mom, Talia and Janine were fabulous. The venue, energy and food were great and excellent. The music and videos/pictures were emotionally happy. I had a blast and thank you for coming. See you in 2024 for more future events here at Positive Exposure! From your PEARLS/PE Ambassador, Talia.


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