PE Pop-Up Center

PE Pop-Up Center

Last week was a really exciting week for me.  My photo and blog were in a Positive Exposure art exhibit in New York City!!  I’m famous.  Kind of.  Haha.

PE Pop-Up Center 1

I wasn’t able to go, because I had already missed a week of school the week before to go to Texas, but my mom and grandma went to check it out and take some pictures to show me.

PE Pop-Up Center 2

PE Pop-Up Center 4

Mom also said that part of my intro video that my sister did with me was used at the gala and it made her really happy to see us up on the big screen.

PE Pop-Up Center 3

I got to bring in the photos that my mom took to school to show my teachers and friends.  Everyone thought it was really cool!  Today I’m off from school, because it’s voting day in MD, so mom made an appointment to go get my new AFO’s.  They look pretty cool.  I got blue and red this time.  I wear my AFO’s on my feet every day.  They help support my feet and ankles so that I can work on standing better.

PE Pop-Up Center 5

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