Just recently this month, I’ve been getting into photography and taking pictures everywhere I go. I got our family’s Nikon camera and just walk around neighborhood and take pictures of my dog and plants and flowers and other stuff like that. My photography hobby started whenever I got an Instagram account. I would see all of these really cool accounts with amazing pictures and it just made me want to take really cool pictures just like that and post them for everyone to see. I went to the library and got a bunch of Photography how to books and I’m currently doing a 30-day photography challenge. The challenge has a topic that you take a picture of each day for example one of the days was happy place, so I put a picture of me and my friend at the beach because that’s my favorite place. I’ve also been taking pictures of my favorite people and pets. I’ve taken pictures of my pig, my dog, my parents and my two siblings. I may even take a photography class in school! I’ve attached a picture I took of my dog, Steele.

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