Pool Therapy and Trivia

Pool Therapy and Trivia

Nothing too exciting has happened since my last blog post.  Work, pool therapy, trivia at Applebees, same old same old. Haha.

Work is going pretty well. I am only going in once a week but I have tons to do here at the house.  I like being in the office because I get to see patients in the Cerebral Palsy clinic. This is for my job as a Research Associate.  A nurse within the clinic is doing a study about assessing pain in patients with spastic CP and I’m helping her with recruiting/consenting participants, organizing the files, data entry etc.

Pool therapy has been all right.  I have had 3 sessions since my last post.  I like it, but it’s hard to tell if it’s making a difference pain-wise.  I really like the new therapist though.  While in the pool I do some stretching as well as just floating around.  The stretching is good to try and loosen up some of the muscles.  Floating is nice because it will hopefully allow them to also relax, especially since the water is 90 degrees.  (As an FYI, it’s not as warm as it sounds… I still get cold. :(  During the sessions the therapist and I talk about our weekend plans, movies, books, pretty much whatever.  After the sessions I have been going to the library.  My mom works about 5-10 minutes from the therapy place so instead of bringing me home (40 mins away) she takes me to the local library.  It’s really nice!  They have free wifi and even their own little cafe.  She has also stopped at Starbucks to grab me a Chai latte and bagel a few times.  Yay!!  The library allows you to have food so it works out perfectly.  We pack a lunch in the morning so I can camp out pretty much all day.

Wednesday was trivia with Danielle and our last trivia night with Aaron.  We are going to miss our favorite server.  The three of us were supposed to hangout last weekend but that kinda fell apart. Truthfully I was a little mad at him because I have given him a million chances to hangout since we text all the time and are good (I think?) friends but somehow something always comes up.  I got over it by Wednesday night but I will wait for him to ask to do something before planning anything.  Either way, it’s been fun seeing him at trivia every week.  Check out this pic we took since it was “the end of an era” haha.

Hope you’re doing well!

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