Positive Exposure Gala!

By: Byron

Today is an exciting day. I am currently on the bus headed to NYC. The reason I am going to NYC is for the Positive Exposure Gala this evening. I am only going to be in the city for a few hours as I have to get back to Boston for a volleyball match tomorrow afternoon.

The last few weeks have been fun and busy. To start out with, on Easter I went to New Hampshire and climbed probably the most challenging mountain I’ve climbed in a long time. I had to climb up rocks the whole time, but I’m happy I reached the top and back down without injury (which I almost had).

The last week I had the first volleyball game of the season. It was fun, but it was delayed an hour due to no referees showing up. Last Friday I went to the first rugby game of the season in Dorchester, a neighborhood of Boston, the team looks really good this year as we have Ben practicing since mid November. That’s it for now. I’ll let you know how the gala goes.

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