Positive Exposure Museum Closing Ceremony!

By: Mia

Positive Exposure Museum Closing Ceremony!

Last Friday I went to the closing ceremony for the Positive Exposure Exhibit I’m in here in Houston. It was such an honor to be a part of this exhibit that educated all the 30,000 PEOPLE that went through it! I am so glad that that many people from my area were able to learn about all the different types of unique skin people have. I think that this exhibit also shows that looking different on the outside DOES NOT mean that that person should be treated any differently. I was so proud of myself that night because I was able to confidently speak in front of kind of a lot of people! I always get so nervous and hate public speaking, but it was different at the closing ceremony because I was surrounded by people who support me for who I am and know that my skin condition doesn’t define who I am. On the spot I said………“There are 2 types of special, “special needs” and a special that means being celebrated for who you are. This exhibit celebrates the people in this exhibit for their unique and special qualities that don’t define who they are or who they can become.” I was sooooooo proud of myself because I walked to the microphone with the fear of public speaking and left with the feeling that I had empowered so many people……especially the younger people there with a difference. Overall, the night was amazing. I got to reconnect with so many people from Camp Dermadillo and see Rick, Dr. Bree, and Meena again. We had brick oven pizza and brick oven desert pizza with a delicious caesar salad and lemonade!!!!! We even took pictures by our picture in the exhibit. As Rick would say…………it was AMAZING!!!!

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