Power Outage on Campus

By: Talia

Hi everyone.

My college campus had a power outage all day today and my internship at the No Bookstore got cancelled. So I am doing my homework in Founders Hall and have better wifi. I am actually waiting for my boyfriend (I don’t know if his sociology class is canceled). I honestly don’t even know. Well, he is in Banking and Budgeting class currently. He doesn’t even know I am inside Founders Hall and it is awfully quiet. I think my Monday was okay, because I only had two classes open for myself (which is Social Psychology and Mindfulness). I was outside for lunch on campus and it was gorgeous outside. I was eating near Marillac Field and I brought food from Hudson Heights. Nobody on campus was eating at Hudson Heights nor Mags Kitchen. I think it was okayish for myself during the day. My goal is to focus on myself and just be totally myself forever. Anyways, I am studying in Founders Hall rather than Aquino Hall. But I have some great news, I am in the CMSV Words Vocal Company and I am proud of myself. I was thinking about Ann Reinking, Bob Fosse, Nicole Fosse, Carole King, Billy Joel and Elton John through my love of music. I miss everything about the old Broadway, meaning Ann Reinking, Gwen Verdon, Nicole Fosse, and Bob Fosse. I still listen to old Broadway even though I listen to today’s music. I want to thank everyone who supports me including Ali Stroker, the Broadway people with disabilities, and myself included.

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