Preschool Graduation

By: Owen

Preschool Graduation

Preschool Graduation 1

On May 26th, Owen graduated from preschool.  I can’t believe that after three years at his school he won’t be a student there anymore.  He has grown so very much in the time he spent at the Learning Lamp.  I know he is ready for Kindergarten, but I am not!  Please can’t he stop growing up so fast!!!

Preschool Graduation 2

I will forever be thankful for the time he spent with his teachers and friends at preschool.  He went from a three year old who was easily frustrated and difficult to a very independent boy who loves to learn.  He has friends and everyone at school loved him so much!  You can see that from the photos with his teacher.  In one photo his friend Piper couldn’t contain herself and just had to jump in on the picture too!   I can only hope and pray he will be as well liked in Kindergarten!

Preschool Graduation 3

Preschool Graduation 4

The staff put together a slide show presentation for the parents and each student had their own slide showing photos of them throughout the year.  It was so wonderful to see photos of him, learning, playing, and working hard but my most favorite photos showed Owen with all his friends!  You can bet I cried the whole way through the presentation!

I am so very proud of Owen.  I know he is ready for Kindergarten, he is so smart!  I just wish I was ready!

Preschool Graduation 5

Have a great summer everyone!

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