Procedure Update

Hey, so it’s been just over a week since my procedure. It went well and took about a half hour. No sedation was required and they found the artery they were looking for easily with the ultrasound machine. The artery helps guide them to the suprascapular nerve. After they did the block they did some trigger point injections. I stayed in the triage area for a bit and had some juice / cookies. ? After that we headed home! I ended up resting on the vent for awhile which helped. I mainly just watched Netflix. Oh, uncle brought over some McDonald’s fries and Coke which was awesome. McDonald’s Coke is the best.

Easter was good, but I was definitely hurting. I wanted to lay down on the couch while family was over which is unusual.

My arm still hurts. It’s been tolerable but I’m not sure if this is still procedure pain or if it wasn’t very effective or what. Super annoying. We’ll see… I go back to the doctor at the end of May.

Other than pain I’ve been trying to be productive as far as work stuff goes. Plus some relaxing. ?

Hope you’re all doing well!

<3 Rebecca

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