Progress with Sammy and Myself

By: Mia

Sammy is getting wayyyyy better and friendlier!!!! Now his favorite thing to do is lick the gloves on my hands……I think it’s partly because I got his food on them . Anyways, I’ve been wearing the gloves because my skin has been super dry because of the cold weather (hahahaaa cold weather in Houston) and I’m pretty sure I might have eczema or a different skin condition that’s similar. At first, I was super upset about it, just because I didn’t want to deal with “starting over” with another different skin condition. I actually stayed home from school for half a day after my doctor’s appointment because I was so stressed and overwhelmed about EVERYTHING. I watched a star is born, relaxed, and just caught up on some school work I kinda procrastinated on. I was just glad to have a couple of hours to regain some positivity and energy!!!! Also, I talked with some friends about how I was so stressed about it and each of them helped me by saying they’ll be there for me and help me through anything!!! Overall, I just came out of that short day with a lot of confidence in my friends and family to help me through hard times. Sooooooo, now I walk Sammy inside the pen and he cooperates for most of the time I walk him !!!!! I don’t remember if I have said this on a blog before, but when Sammy was getting used to the new place and getting used to me, he would try to head-butt me/charge at me. That did make me a little scared, so I am so glad he has decided to start adjusting and being friendlier!!!!

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