By: Grace


How are all of you?  I am fine because school is done for the summer. I got out two weeks ago.

Last month I went to prom with my friends. It was held at Paul Brown Stadium, which is where the Cincinnati Bengals play football.   It was fun but loud.  I picked out a dress that has flowers on it.  I really loved it.  My mom let me borrow an evening purse and my dad gave me a corsage. Below is a photo of me heading to prom.

Finals were hard but they are done now.  I hope I did well.

Every summer my family goes to Sanibel Island for two weeks.  We are here now.  Yesterday Tropical Storm Colin came through so we couldn’t go to the beach or the pool. Instead we did some boring shopping and then went to lunch at the Mucky Duck on Captiva. I really like the Mucky Duck.  The food is good and there is a great ocean view.  The waves were huge yesterday.  It was too rough for me to go swimming.

My favorite show is Girl Meets World.  The new season just started and I got to watch the first two episodes.  On Friday, they will have episode three. I can’t wait.  My mother watches it with me.  I am hoping to get island braids in my hair again this year.

Prom 1

Prom 2


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