By: Talia

Hi everyone! Today I went to Provincetown, Massachusetts with Amber, Sarah, Matthew, Max, Mark, Jack, Paul, Lesly, Bella, Ms. Thomas (she was the bus driver for our trip to P-Town), Mr. Richards (he brought bakery stuff), Ms. B. (She was just helping everyone) and Alyssa. We went to Ben & Jerry’s for a quick snack and I had a Cookie & Cream Milkshake with Whipped Cream. After snack, we went to this outdoor mall with antique and vintage shops. I did not buy anything from those shops. After window-shopping, we went to Fisher’s Wharf where all of the ships, boats and cruises are in which is in the Atlantic Ocean (or I should say Cape Cod & Islands). After Fisher’s Wharf, we walked back to the bus and then we went straight home to Riverview. Then after the trip, I ate cheese pizza in the dorm but our dorm staff paid for dinner. The cheese pizza was from a Restaurant called Fathers. I want to go there with my dad and my grandma on August 10 after I leave summer school. I am going to the Barnstable County Fair tomorrow. The Barnstable County Fair is in Barnstable, Masschuetts. Guess what? I have a new boyfriend. He is very funny and he works at the Helmsman Center. He is in Phase 2 and he is close to my age! He wears squared glasses and I wear those Elton John inspired glasses from Forever 21. I actually hang out with him at lunch where we eat which is the Helmsman Center!

I gotta go to bed and see you later!


Love, Talia

P.S. You can call me Tina Cohen Chang! That’s my nickname!

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