Public Figures: Who I Admire and Why

My Favorite public figure that I admire is Hilary Clinton because she has had to endure so much as a female politician. She really has gone through so much in her career and personal life. I mean Trump was terrible and look at what he has done compared to how the media portrayed Hillary and her damn emails. I was very proud of Hilary when she ran against Trump in 2016. I think it was sexism, personal attacks, and a lot of other nonsense that she had to endure at that time. I feel very bad for her and think she deserves a glass of Chardonnay in my opinion.

I love that Hilary is blond, she wears pantsuits, and she is very ambitious. Hilary is also very talented, kind-hearted, and full of love. I know these things are true since I have met Hilary three times! My favorite memory of meeting Hilary was during a conference a few years ago. She was so present and brilliant during our conversation. She serves as an inspiration for millions of people around the world, I think the world of her, and I hope she runs for President again!

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