Q&A Westchester Jewish Center

By: Talia

Questions from Westchester Jewish Center:

  1. Why did you get kicked out of the chorus?
  2. How does Chromosome 18 affect you personally?
  3. Are you good at art?
  4. Is your picture on the site very recent?

Answers from Talia:

  1. I got kicked out of the chorus just for the day two years ago because I was chatting and bothering someone in the chorus named Zachary. In the chorus, these days I’m doing very well and I have a 2 octave high voice in the chorus.
  2. Chromosome 18 makes me feel happy because I make tons of new friends and meet my old friends with Chromosome 18 as well as their siblings. I like Chromosome 18 a lot!!!!
  3. I’m good at art and my favorite artist is Pablo Picasso. I like to draw like Pablo because he makes sad, happy, shapes and geometry.
  4. I just took the picture last Spring with Rick very recent.

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