Rebecca’s Intro

My name is Rebecca. I am 24 and live in Michigan. I was born with Escobar Syndrome which is genetic. I have one sister, Cara, who is 21.  I live at home with my parents.

The syndrome causes all of my joints to have flexion contractures meaning they can’t straighten out fully.  Therefore I can’t straighten my fingers, elbows or knees. I am able to walk short distances but use a powerchair most of the time.  I also have severe scoliosis which has caused me to have restrictive lung disease. Basically, my lungs don’t have enough room to expand. Therefore I use a ventilator at night with a mask that covers my whole face. I also wear hearing aids in both ears and use glasses.

Despite all of this, I graduated in May 2013 with my Master of Social Work degree. I have since obtained my Limited License and am working towards full licensure.  I currently work as a Research Associate and a Website Designer. Both positions are within University of Michigan’s Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation department. I really like both jobs because research and social media/web design are two of my favorite things. I’m also really passionate about disability awareness. In my spare time I like to read (Divergent, The Fault in Our Stars etc) and hang out with friends.

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