Rebecca’s Update

Rebecca’s Update

Last week was pretty busy… Monday I worked in the office and then volunteered st the hospital. Tuesday I worked from home and had an iffy day. I was really tired and just blah. Wednesday was similar. I woke up, had some breakfast and then went back to sleep for an hour or so. I had my vent clinic appointment at the hospital that afternoon. I saw 4 specialists, a nurse practitioner, respiratory therapist and a physician’s assistant. It was a long appointment! Almost 5 hours. Nothing too alarming / major which is good. My knee has been hurting when walking; turns out I have a baker’s cyst? ????‍♀️ Completely harmlesss, just ice it as needed. The other thing is I’m going to try using my vent with a small mask for short periods of time during the day to see if that helps me feel better. We’ll see! Thursday and Friday were both okay. Worked from home some.

This weekend was fun because we went down to the cottage I grew up going to. Some family friends (it goes back something like 4 generations!!) were there for the week so it was amazing to see them. They live in Colorado but used to come to MI for a week every summer. It was great to catch up with them. :)

My parents and I had dinner Saturday night at a pizza place in town that we used to go to, more for the ice cream than the pizza! It was always such a big deal because we got “ice cream with eyes”. So of course I got that for dessert. That night we looked at the stars for a few because of the meteor shower. I couldn’t see any shooting stars but my mom did! It was pretty but I was so tired that I wasn’t looking very hard lol.

My dog Callie had fun on Sunday going for a boat ride. Oh and she made a friend – there was another dog down that was super friendly!  We stayed til late afternoon and then headed back home. Here are a few pics :)

Me and my mom and Callie :)

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